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The Bridal Party Wedding Show Set-up Information

Set up – 7:00 AM – 10:30 AM SUNDAY, January 15th, 2017
Kellogg Center 55 S. Harrison Rd. East Lansing, MI
Doors open at 11:00 am ~ Show closes at 4:00 pm

  • Set-up:
    • Sunday Morning 7:00 am – 10:30 am
      Booths should be set up by 10:30 am.
      We do not have permission to set up in the Kellogg Center on Saturday night. They have events that evening.
  • Access:
  1. The parking ramp’s second level connects to the directly to the hotel lobby. This is the very best way to load in your booth materials. You may have to pay for parking depending upon whether or not they staff the parking booths until the end of the show.
  2. The front of the Hotel Because of the large number of vendors arriving at the same time please limit parking and unloading time to a minimum. Unload your materials into the lobby then move your car to the ramp.
  3. The freight entrance is located on S. Harrison Rd. just north of the front entrance. This is a tight area and your cooperation will be needed to accommodate everyone. You are asked to unload your vehicle and move it immediately so that other vendors may unload.
  • Your Booth:
    • The Kellogg has done an extensive renovation that includes placing electric outlets in the center floor of the ballroom in the carpeting. Please keep your electric use to a normal level. In a past show we lost power when some booths had extensive lighting displays and multiple TV monitors all running at the same time so remember we all have to share the available power. Don’t forget to bring your own power strips and extension cords if you plan on using electricity at your booth.
    • Please keep all display items inside your booth area.
    • Booths should be “family friendly” as determined by The Bridal Party in which we reserve the right to reject and or remove the booth or portion thereof.
  • Your Info on the website – Please review your listing on the website to be sure that the information is correct and that you are listed in the correct category or categories. (
  • Show management will generate a lead list for each participating vendor.  Show attendees will be asked to provide their contact information, along with their desired services needed for their Wedding or Event. This will provide specific information, which may be useful, when you are contacting each attendee- following the conclusion of this year’s show.
  • Floor Plan – The floor plan will be posted on our website in early January 2016. It may change right up until the start of the show so please check back to find your booth location.

To be invited to participate in our upcoming show, please click here to fill out the information request form.

You may contact me with any questions or concerns. We will do all that we can to accommodate you. As always…Your success is our success.

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